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Add your website to the NZSearch Web Directory for free and your site will receive great Kiwi coverage. NZSearch combines with other NZCity websites to provide access to over tens of thousands of NZ visitors each and every day.

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Some of the ways we use the web directory to help promote your website.

1. NZSearch Web Directory
A great web directory with many features, NZSearch has tens of thousands of visitors and is a great way to find NZ web sites.

2. NZCity Featured Site of the Week
NZCity staff pick from New Zealand general interest websites to pick great entertainment value for the week. We pick these sites from the NZSearch database.

3. NZCity Site of the Day
Pulling from the resources of the NZSearch Web directory a new website is picked each day, If you have a good website, simply add it to NZSearch to be in with a chance.

4. NZCity Favorites
The best quality websites are randomly picked from the NZSearch database, resulting in thousands of vistors for some sites, again simply enter your website into NZSearch to be in with a chance.

5. NZCity Shopping Guide
Shopping is becoming a key part of the internet and NZCity has its own shopping guide using NZSearch web sites. Enter your shop to get free promotion.

6. Paid Banner Advertising with WebAds
The NZCity network of web sites enjoys over 250,000 NZ visitors every month - for advertising solutions for your web site please contact WebAds

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